French: Communication and Culture

UPDATE: April 13, 2020

General Instructions for Week 3 & 4 - April 13 - April 24, 2020:

The expectation is for students to receive materials electronically.  Upon receipt of instructions and assignments via email, Teams, or the school website, it is suggested that you print off the materials at home if you have access to a printer.  If not, students are to write out their responses on separate loose-leaf.  All instructions, loose-leaf and work are to be kept at home in order, in a binder, duotang or folder. 

Students who do not have access to the internet receive printed materials from school.  Those students are to work directly on those sheets.  The focus for those students will be only on the “non” internet-based questions.

The requirement now for all students each week is approximately 50 minutes of learning in French.  If a student finishes a week's work sooner than the 50 minutes, she or he is to continue on Duolingo until reaching the total 50 minute mark.  A student is of course free to continue beyond this mark.

If you have any questions about the instructions or the assignment, you may contact me via email, or through the school at (204) 324-8206.

FCC home materials - Week 3 & 4.pdf
Weeks 3 & 4 assignments 

MARCH 25, 2020


Ça va bien?  Ça va comme ci comme ça?  J'espère que ça va bien chez vous pour toi et ta famille. (I hope things are going well with you and your family.)  

This message is for Parkside French students.  You were given a take-home package of materials for French with instructions last week.  The written materials are also available on the school website under the tab "Classroom" and then "French:  Communication and Culture". The package includes written work and work on Duolingo.  Most of you should have received your Duolingo usernames and passwords (attached to your packages, or from me).  If you didn't get your username and password, please email me and I will send it to you.  Check your materials first.

You are required to do 2 hours of French this week and 2 hours of French the week AFTER spring break.  You may decide how you want to divide up your time.  See the instruction sheet for the assignments.  

If you finish all the work listed in less than 2 hours (for each week), you are required to do the remaining minutes on Duolingo (to get you to the 2 hour mark).  In addition to your usual pathway on Duolingo, I encourage you to explore the website including the "Stories" option.

If you have any questions, please contact me via email, or through the school.

Finally, you may want to consider taking a moment to check out radio and music in French, or television.  Radio-Canada (CBC) has a very good website.  At the top, are the various options it has.  If you want radio, click on ICI première (in orange).  For music, click on ICI musique (in blue).  For television, click on ICI télé (in pink).

I understand some of you may not have access to a device or the internet.  For those students, my expectation is that all of the written/reading assignments be completed.  


March 19, 2020

Hello Parkside Families,

Here you will find links to the learning packages that were sent home with students prior to the suspension of classes in Border Land School Division.

Students are expected to spend approximately 2 hours per week, during each of the suspension weeks, to complete the activities laid out on their instruction sheet.  They can choose to organize this time as it makes sense in your time together as a family.

For additional exposure to the French Language, students can explore movies in French, French music or videos or even try listening to a snippet of the news in French.  

Here are the links to the documents already provided to students prior to our last day of in-session school on Thursday, March 19, 2020.

1.  Instructions and Expectations Hand Out:  FCC home materials.pdf  

2.  Activity A:  A la plage.pdf

3.  Activity B:  Duolingo Website (You will use your username and password as provided by Mr. King)

4.  Activity C:  Ma chambre a coucher.pdf

5.  Week #2 (April 6-10) - Activity A:  Au cinema.pdf

Parkside students can contact the school at 204--324-8206 and/or email Mr. King at, if they have questions.