Room 1

Subject Descriptions Room 1


ELA: the practice for this block (March 23 - April 13) will be reading and writing.

  • Book Poster & Book Poster assignment
  • Novel reading and writing assignment
  • Reading Choice Novel (20-30 mins/day)
    • Students should have a choice novel to read
  • Choice writing (10-15 mins/day)
    • Students may write in rm 1 writing notebook OR choice location
      • Suggested genres journal, diary, summary, note-taking, poetry, creative, fiction, research essay, Word.doc, PPT

MATH Gr. 7: From Mrs. LA

MATH (Grade 7): Our math tasks are divided up into the following daily and choice tasks

Daily Minimums: (students are welcome to do more and challenge themselves!) 

  1. 25 minutes of JUMP Math review OR 5 pages - whichever comes first.
  2. Mathletics Activities (if possible) If not - then an additional 2 pages of JUMP Math
  3. Watch 1-2 Videos per day on Math Antics - the students have a personalised list of topics they need to review and tidy up their notes in their notesbook. If no access to Math Antics is possible, choose a topic focus from one of the chapters and review the instructions pages from Math Makes Sense.
  4. Math Menu: Math is all about flexible thinking and problem-solving. We practice this regularly in class. A Math Menu is attached to this pack. Their expectation is to complete at least 1 item from each column by April 10th. This is not Daily.

    I will be sending home SOME of the answer keys for the JUMP Math assigned pages. The kids should self-correct their work that has answer keys when they complete those tasks. Otherwise, they should work through the assigned JUMP math in the order it is assigned. If you would like to register for a free account, kids can correct all of their work by logging in here:  
    Jump Math Answer Key  

MATH Gr. 8: From Mrs. Nicholson:

  • Things to bring home:
    • Black Math Notebook
    • Math Work Notebook (grid paper)


  • Daily Math Goals
    • If you have access to technology please check Google Classroom Daily for your given Task.  
    • If you don’t have access to technology, please choose to complete the task given in ONE of the boxes on the board on the back of your math instruction page.  Your goal is to do one box a day, and to make sure you choose AT LEAST one box from each of the columns.

Social Studies:

Room 1 kids will have the SS Rome-related reading sent home for research (paper or digital). I have also curated a clips list for them in a google classroom space (This has been organized by Mrs. LA). They have either a digital interactive notebook - OR - a print version of the same thing. We have negotiated success criteria for each page/slide to help the kids know how to write, what to write, and in what style. They should follow those instructions on their work to complete this successfully. If they do not have ready access to the internet, I have sent support texts home the best I can. As you can appreciate, we do not have enough library books for the whole school, and I had to distribute resources the best I could. Please support your child, however you can, to find reading and research materials.


In order to minimize the confusion and burdens of transitioning to home learning and self-timetabling, and to make sure it is not overwhelming for families and kids, we will be pausing our science learning until April 10th. At this point, we will shift back into a science focus for the following weeks whether we are at home or at school.

French: visit the French Link to see assignment 

PE: visit the Physical Education Link to see assignment

Final Thoughts:

  • As always, if you have questions along the way, please call or email me
  • If possible, check subject-based TEAMS for updates and additional suggestions and resources to assist with assignments
  • If work is completed students may submit in TEAMS (if possible) or photograph and email
  • I will be contacting and checking in to see how students and families are holding up in the weeks ahead.

Thanks for now.

Myron Dyck