Room 2

March 19, 2020
Dear Parents/Guardians of Room 2,
In response to the school suspensions that will be happening beginning March 23rd, I have provided each student a package of work and tasks that students should be working on at home. Students have daily to dos to accomplish during school days we are not in school.
The four main focuses in the package are languages (both English and French), math and social studies. Mr. Heppner has also given students a Physical Education package.  Here is the link to the Physical Education Classroom page with his directions.  
Here is a list of things I would like students to accomplish daily:
Daily Check In
  • Stay connected with me and peers
  • Ask questions and get clarification
Read for a minimum of 15 minutes per day in French and 20 minutes in English. Choice in what to read:
  • Novels
  • Graphic Novels
  • Magazines
  • Newspapers
Write each day.
  • In French they will write a journal entry with prompts, they have the choice to write in their notebook or use the bookcreator platform. I am asking a minimum of 5 sentences that are to be edited and well written. This task should be about 20 minutes in length. If students do not have online access they can write it in their notebooks.
  • In ELA, they are finishing Freak the Mighty and writing a character analysis on a chosen character in our novel Freak The Mighty. This task should not be completed in one sitting, I am asking students to write for about 20 minutes a day and to take a few days to review, edit, and to finalize a piece of writing.
  • Students were given a package of review. 25 minutes minimum, they have the answers to self check and to reach out to myself or peers if needed.
  • Students have also been given a new concept to learn. They have information to follow that will guide and give them practice.
  • Grade 8s are continuing the work we started with 3d objects: Surface area, nets and volume of rectangular, triangular prisms, cubes and cylinders. They can also learn new geometry concepts.
  • Grade 7s are going to explore Statistics and analyzing data specific to finding the mean, medium and mode.
  • As these are new concepts, they are to read carefully and try the questions following the information. I will have videos to support these concepts for those that have online access.
  • Students also received a math puzzle package, shout out to Mrs. Nicholson who shared with me this resource.
Social Studies
  • As we are in the quality of life unit, I have PowerPoint slides and a chapter regarding how a country is considered developed or underdeveloped and how a country may be impoverished. The expectation is that they read for understanding by annotating the text, asking questions, making connections and digging deep. They will then fill in what they learnt and what questions they still have.
Physical Education 

Mr. Heppner has created a resource for students. An expectation is to be active in some way for a period of time. 

For Wellness
I’ve also asked students to do something they are passionate about and one act of kindness every single day that they will report back to me.
I have had conversations with students that were present this week on their responsibilities and expectations. This will be a good exercise in responsibility and follow through.
Students have a daily schedule and checklist to support what they need to do daily and accomplish.
For those students who have access to the internet, they will be encouraged to use Google Classroom for a daily check in, resources, and to ask questions. Students will be able to send me a message and call me via the hangout application associated with our google classroom.

I will be available from 9-3:30 during the school days we are suspended. Please remember that we have a spring break scheduled in the middle of the two weeks we are suspended.

Although I will be available to support students during this week as well, I will be using this week to disconnect a bit and take the time with my own children. Therefore, students can reach me but it may not be as instant as the school days we are suspended.

Those kids who don’t have internet access at home received paper copies of information. These students and I have built a plan of what that will look like to keep connected.
Please remember that I am still here to support kids in their learning and the goal is to maintain growth and sustained learning while we are away.
A concern I have is the sustained growth in their French oral and written. Please ensure students are reading daily and for those that have online access, I will be finding audio resources for students to listen and plenty of sites to keep their learning on in French.

They are also encouraged to view movies or videos in French to sustain their language development. Make them turn captions on our see if there is a movie they’d turn the setting to French.

If they have siblings that are also in the French Immersion program, please make them communicate in French. Have them tell you things in French during the day. If they enjoy baking or cooking, have them find a recipe and French. Please encourage them to continue to speak in French during this time away.
If you have any questions or concerns or things you are curious about, please let me know. The interests of our students are a high priority for me and I will continue to support their learning as best I can.
Thank you!
Jacynthe Sabourin