Room 8

March 18, 2020

Dear Families,

The best advice I heard this week came from the Mayor of Calgary when he ended his address to his city with these words:

“Let’s move forward with clean hands, clear heads and open hearts.”

In almost thirty years of teaching I was starting to feel like I had almost seen and experienced it all, but this week has been so different than anything I have experienced in the classroom   As the week went on and changes came daily and sometimes hourly, I was impressed with how students seemed to mostly take in all the changes in the building with positivity.  I received encouraging messages from parents as they sorted what made sense for their families in the coming days.  As always, thank you for that support.

I have gone through a few different plans about what makes sense to ask students to do during these suspended weeks.  In the end, I hope that I have left them with something that is manageable, accessible and helpful.  I apologize to those of you who chose to have your children stay home during the week if everything has not come at the same time. 

I have included the to-do list that I have created for students at the end of this message.  For students who were here today, we have reviewed this.  For those who were not here today, I will give them a call on Friday to do that. 

What you can expect from me during the two weeks away:

  • Weekly phone calls from me to check in.How are you? What have been up to?How is the work going?
  • To communicate updates and changes to the plan through emails to parents
  • To check ins with online math work and to give feedback.
  • To give feedback on Thought Logs from week one during week two.
  • To be available for questions by phone 204-324-8206 or by email

What I expect of students:

  • To make a daily plan
  • To ask questions and get clarification when needed
  • To be flexible with a new way of working and being a learner

As we figure out what works and doesn’t work when being a socially distanced classroom, I will communicate with you changes to the plan. 

Thank you again for your support.  Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.


Room 8 Two Week Plan Checklist.pdf
Room 8 Social Studies Expectations and Support Package