Manitoba Remote Learning Centre

Manitoba Remote Learning Support Centre
Posted on 01/05/2021
The Manitoba Remote Learning Support Centre has opened to support the delivery of remote learning to Manitoba students, their families and their teachers.  The Centre opened on January 4, 2021 and is intended to support school divisions, schools, families, and students who are teaching and learning remotely.

The Centre will provide the following supports:
1. A provincial framework outlining guiding principles for remote learning.
2. A provincial English/French repository of on-demand, accessible teaching, learning and assessment resources to support the delivery of remote learning.
3. An English/French professional learning strategy 
4.  A remote learning support team (to help design the repository and provide instructional coaching, mental health and wellness supports, and professional learning team)
5.  A team of teachers available to offer learning supports to students who are learning at home as a result of COVID-19
6.  A system for monitoring progress and results related to provincial goals.

Feel free to explore the Manitoba Remote Learning Portal:
Manitoba Remote Learning Support Centre 

Or Review the Manitoba Remote Learning Support Centre - At a Glance Document