Learning from Home Updates

We are at the mid-mark of May and even though the up and down weather and winds keep us wondering if spring is here, the sun reminds us that warmer days are on the way.

Student stamina for learning from home may have its ups and downs.  Our hope is that you work together as a family to stay healthy and happy.  That might mean establishing more clear boundaries between your role as a parent and your desire to ensure your child is doing their school work. 

We want you to remember that our relationships with students are important for us to maintain as well.  We want to help your child with their school work and be the ones who are reminding them to stay the course through June.  We also want to maintain and keep our connections to help with the transitions back to school when we get notification that can occur.  If you notice you and your child experiencing more tension, let us know and we can help to establish some boundaries together with you - so school and work completion is not the trigger to conflict at home.

As of May 15th, the playgrounds and fields at Parkside will be reopened and accessible for public use.  Review the notifications about this on the BLSD website - here

Please note:

1. The play structures are NOT being cleaned or sanitized
2. Social distancing must occur on the play structures
3. Hand sanitizer is to be used before and after playing on the structures (Families MUST provide their own hand sanitizer)
4.  Fields are open with the following guidelines:  NO groups larger than what is the public health limit (10 people currently) & NO contact sports at this time.

If you or your child has an Instagram account, they can stay connected to the bigger school community by following us on Instagram - just search for parkside_sabres)

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