As school is about to begin, in the midst of another pending wave of the Coronavirus, I must admit that finding stamina to persist and grace to be kind to everyone has been niggling at me in various ways and forms.  Sometimes I want to quit - quit my job; quit talking to others; quit living here.  And then I find myself; often in the sunshine at the end of the day in a golf cart ride with my husband.  We share the experiences of our days while we have been at work.  In these moments, I feel renewed, usually because he can find a way to re-frame my feelings and help me to see hope in the world around me.  Sometimes this is just because we can laugh together.  Sometimes this is because our grandchildren arrive and remind us of the innocence and goodness that exists in our world.  And then I am renewed.  I am ready to start a new day; ready to get back into the community and ready to start a new school year.  

One of the reasons I love being the principal of students in junior high is the energy and vibrancy they have for life.  The possibilities of learning and growing with the staff and students at Parkside always bring me energy and happiness. 

Students this age, remind me every day of the passion they have for life, fun, friendships and learning.  I also know that at this age, they can be really challenging.  They are exploring they individual identity and starting their journey to adulthood.  As a result, they are sorting what is important to them, what they are interested in and what they don't like and who they want to be known as in their community.  They explore this with incredible passion and high levels of emotion.  These high levels of emotion are sometimes the contributing factor to challenges in their relationships with others. 

This year, our partnerships between school and home, across our classrooms and within our school continue to be essential in our ability to bounce back from challenge when life feels hard and we want to quit. 

Ultimately, I want our students to be safe, healthy, learning and happy.  This can happen if we all have this same goal. 

If we (staff and parents) are collectively consistent in our messages to our students we will help our students see and know how to navigate relationships in respectful and responsible ways.  

Focus on 3 really important learning goals can help us in this journey together:
1. It takes ALL of us to work together for the common good
2. Independence and Interdependence are essential to our quality of life -- we each need to do our part while being conscious and considerate of others
3.  Our individual freedoms and rights come when we show our greatest responsibility for ourselves and others

Please help us remember that our actions are teaching our students what we believe about the above learning goals.  Please helps us to send a consistent message of working together by showing kindness and compassion to each other.

Please review and read the Parkside Return to School Plan to prepare for the start of school on Wednesday, September 8, 2021.
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