Facing Change at École Parkside School

As we faced the challenges presented to our world connected to slowing the spread of the COVID-19 virus, our students and staff worked hard together during the week of March 16-19, 2020.  They wrapped up units of work and began to prepare for a 2 week period of suspended classes at Parkside just like all Manitoba schools were busy doing.

This week, March 23-27, we have all been finding our way on a path we have never experienced in our lifetimes.  Thank you to our parent community this week - you have graciously accepted the emails, phone messages and packages of materials from our school.  You have problem solved with your children ways to access technology, supplies and resources to support their on going learning away from school.  You have communicated what you needed in order to keep your lives running smoothly at home.  Please continue to communicate with us about how we can support you and your child while they are learning from home.

As a principal, I am so grateful for the amazing teachers and staff in our building.  They worked tirelessly during March 16-19 to prepare the students for how their learning would look from home, while they put together learning materials and packages and maintained a calm and positive tone throughout the building.  Our support staff helped throughout the week, getting paper packages ready for students and disinfecting high traffic areas around the school to do our best in maintaining a healthy and safe space for our staff and students.

As teachers have communicated with you and your child about their learning for the 2 week of suspended classes, I have uploaded their instructions and support documents onto our school website.  If you look under our CLASSROOMS tab, you will see links to each homeroom classroom, Physical Education and French Communication and Culture.  These links provide you another point of access to the instructions and materials your child may want to reference. 

If you or your child has an Instagram account, they can stay connected to the bigger school community by following us on Instagram - just search for parkside_sabres)

If at anytime, you require support with your child's learning at home, please contact the school and leave a voice mail OR contact your child's teacher through the means they have provided you.

Please take care and do what you need to keep your families healthy and connected.

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