Change to Red Restrictions in Effect November 12, 2020

Effective Thursday, November 12, 2020, the province of Manitoba changed the Pandemic Response level to Red Restrictions for all areas of Manitoba.  

Beginning January 18th, 2021 - All Parkside students will return to school for in-class learning

This means our school and all schools in Border Land School Division are now operating and following our Orange Restrictions Response Plan.

What does this mean for our students at Parkside?

  • There is still school.  All students are expected to attend school
  • We have moved students to be 2m apart in all classroom spaces
  • Band classes will continue but the playing of instruments will be paused
  • Class cohorts and groupings will remain the same
  • Bus students will continue to access bus services
  • We will continue to clean and sanitize the school
  • All protocols we have followed will continue to be our practice with the additional spacing of student desks at 2m
  • Mask protocols indoors remain the same

Please revisit our RETURN TO SCHOOL PLAN to see the revisions effective as a result of the Red level Restrictions.


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