Room 6

PLEASE NOTE:  All course materials/messages/group meet-ups/etc are through the Room 6 google class.  Physical materials for those who were not present on Thursday can be picked up from school.  Please call ahead to say you are coming to pick them up.  204-324-8206

March 19, 2020

Hello all Room 6 families!

Wow! What a week. You should all know that your kids have been resilient, smart, asked great questions, and really worked hard to help me to prepare our packs of learning for everyone who wasn’t here this week. I also really need to acknowledge the EA’s that work with our class – particularly Tamara Bowman. She was tireless, organized, cheerful, and we could not have gotten our things ready without her.

The approach I took to preparing learning work for your kids focused on these things:

  1. Review – particularly for Math. At this point I have not included NEW learning in the packs. This would come after the 13th of April if needed.
  2. Developing their voice and place in History – journaling and personal reading – building habits
  3. Developing personal and time management skills – how to organize my day, and make sure I get things done
  4. Formal Writing and Research – this is something we have been working on this term. It is practice through Historical Study
  5. Personal Wellbeing – how do we take care of ourselves and others through uncertainty

I have worked to include “extra”, as a “just in case” measure so that we can more seamlessly transition to online methods for learning if needed later on. Right now, very few kids have regular access to technology in our class – I could teach almost “normal” classes if we had more access, so hopefully this will change over time. For now, I have done my best to provide equitable access to resources for both those who have access and those who do not. Please let me know if you and your learner need further supports.

I would love to be able to publicly share and publish the kids journal work if they AND you are happy for me to do that. I will be putting together a little site where the shared journals can go. If you are happy for me to do this with your child’s work, please email me back with your permission.

All of the materials for our class can be found on google classroom which can be accessed from any device that has access to the internet. (it is best to use the chrome browser, and to download the chrome app for free – or other google apps we use for free – for best access to their work).  If you need support to access any of this and your child forgets their user id – please just email – I am happy to help. I signed out extra books/texts in student's names for those who have limited or no access to the web for our materials.

Materials that we put together were done quickly. There are likely some typos and/or kids may have a hard time remembering all the instructions – or would like help with their learning. I am available all school days from 9:00 – 3:30 on my email ( or via our google classroom. I have also included my personal number in the learning packs to use if needed.

Enjoy one another’s company as best you can. Please feel free to be in touch, and know that I will be touching base with each of you as we head into this new learning.

Happy Social Distancing everyone!


1.  Instruction Package from Mrs. LA:  Room 6 Overview.pdf
2.  Link to Room 6 Journals/Vlogs/Blogs: For those students with parent permission to share publicly